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Posted: February 7th, 2013
Inexpensive way to give flowers on Valentine’s Day

Here’s an inexpensive way to give your sweetie flowers on Valentine’s Day that he or she can enjoy months after the holiday has passed. It’s based on a Christmas gift that I gave to friends and family members.

I found 15 small clay pots at a couple different craft and discount stores. The pots ranged in price from 25 cents to about $2, based on size. I found a couple packs of flower stickers for 99 cents each at a discount store and used the stickers to decorate the pots. Tying or gluing on ribbon would work as well.

I got a bag of potting soil on sale at a local home improvement store and used it to fill the pots.

I had already saved seeds from marigolds and sunflowers that I grew in my own backyard last summer and placed them in envelopes, giving each person enough seeds for their pot and to plant elsewhere if they’d like. If you don’t have any saved seeds, check your local store.

Each person got a decorated pot, dirt and seeds that they can plant this spring and enjoy throughout the summer and into fall. The flowers won’t be blooming this Feb. 14, but they cost a lot less than a dozen roses and will last a lot longer.

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